Our Story

Rydon was started by Hugo van de Watering, after the frustration of after-market bicycle lights that never seem to work like it should. He set out to design a completely new bicycle light, with the goal: a light that will always work. We based in the Netherlands, the number one bicycle country in the world. We are a small business and manufacture all our lights in the Netherlands, to make sure our light meets the highest standards.


One night I was cycling home from Jelle (close friend, ex band mate and excellent product designer for Rydon) and forgot my aftermarket bicycle light. Jelle searched to his drawers filled with old, half dead lights in the hope we would find some that would work. With duck-tape we “installed” two lights. On my way back through the city, I was surprised how many cyclists had the same problem. Most of them had no light or very weak lights, some even used their flash on their phone. When I got home I started sketching what should be the light that would always work. Our goal was simple, make a light that always works.


We believe that bicycle lights should be just as simple as your saddle or your wheels. It is always on your bicycle and always does what it should. That was our goal for our light, no more dead batteries, lost, forgotten, stolen etc.


In 2014 we presented our first bicycle lights, the Rydon Pixio. It wasn’t as successful as we hoped and learned that we could still improve a lot to get closer to our goal.


We decided to completely start from scratch, so that we can incorporate all of the feedback and exactly how we wanted. It took a lot of time to make sure all details are correct but the end result is a bullet proof light, that is as close to our goal as we have ever been. In 2019 we presented our latest and greatest bicycle light, simply called Rydon.

“Investing in your future. This project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union”

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