Check out all the smart features of the Rydon bicycle light

Solar panel

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to charge your batteries manually? One of the key features of the Rydon bike light is the integrated solar panel. How does it work? The solar panel will automatically convert every beam of sunlight into energy and stores it in the battery. The battery works as a giant buffer, storing enough energy for 50 hours light. So the next time you ride your bicycle, you know the battery is charged and you have a working bike light.

bicycle solar panel sustainable


The lights on your bicycle should be similar to the lights on a car, it is included and not something you have to worry about. That is why the Rydon bike light is permanently mounted on your bike. Anti-theft screws and tool are included to make sure it stays on your bike (and not on another bike).  When a light is permanently mounted it should be tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions. A normal plastic light will not be able to withstand the outdoor conditions and impact, that is why the Rydon uses a 3 mm thick metal enclosure to make sure your light will last as long as you bicycle.

cycle light metal

Light output

The Rydon uses 6 super-efficient LED, which operate in two modes. In the Normal mode the light output from the LED’s is 50 Lumen. This is ideal for an urban environment; the moderate output makes you clearly visible to others without blinding them. Just like a car has Full-beam headlights, the Rydon has the Boost mode. The Boost mode is the brightest mode with 300 Lumen of light. This is ideal for riding your bike in a dark surrounding (for example a forest at night) and should be used when there is no other road user ahead of you or approaching.

light output bike light

Status Light

The status light is a handy feedback tool so you know what is going on. There are several options:

  • RED => The light is on
  • BLINKING RED => The light is on but the battery is low, use the solar panel or the USB to charge the battery
  • BLUE => The light is charging with the solar panel or USB
  • GREEN BLINKING => The charging is complete and the battery is full

The USB port is a back-up, under normal circumstances the solar panel will be sufficient to charge the battery. You can use a power bank or phone charger to manually charge the battery.

usb charging bike light


  •  Battery are automatically charged due to integrated Solar Panel
  • 6 High efficient LED’s bring up to 300 lumen
  • Wide angle LED’s instead of single spot
  • CNC milled metal housing
  • Powder coated finish (except color Grey which only has anodizing)
  • Stainless steel brackets inside
  • Good visibility from the front and sides
  • 2 Settings:  Normal and Boost
  • Long battery life => Normal 50 hours of continuous burning in Boost mode 6 hours continuous burning
  • Theft proof stainless steel mounting
  • Automatic low battery detection
  • USB charging (You can use a power bank, laptop or normal USB charger)
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Weight 230 grams
  • Dimensions (width x length x depth) =  90 x 63 x 41 mm
  • Assembled in the Netherlands

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