Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily, the Rydon has a high efficiency solar panel, one hour of sun will charge the battery with 100mAh, the battery has a maximum capacity of 3400 mAh, so it will need 34 hours to completely charge the battery (assuming there is no more energy in the battery). Every hour of sunlight counts, do you park your bicycle in the sun a few days a year, do you ride you bike on a sunny day, it all helps. Even on a cloudy day the Rydon will still charge a bit. However there are always exceptions, no problem, if the LED at the rear lights BLUE it means there is only 5 hours of light remaining. When you see this, finish your ride and use a power bank, laptop, phone charger or other usb charger to charge the light. When the LED is green the battery is full again.

We use a stainless steel hose clamp, it uses a screw to clamp the Rydon to your bicycle. If a thief has the right screwdriver with him, he could steel your light, but if a thief brings tools, he can basically steel everything from your bicycle. Without special tools it will be very difficult to remove the light.

Yes of course, we do not recommend to continuously remove the light when parking. The chance that you forget your light is greater and the Rydon does not has a chance to charge.

Better is to put in in direct sunlight, the window blocks some UV light and we therefor be less efficient. But the best way is of course on your bicycle.

Up to 25 mm is no problem, if you need a larger diameter, please check out our webshop for larger diameter clamps. If you forgot to order it, a normal home depot will sell Stainless steel clamp hoses you can also use.

There are several ways to make a product waterproof, in our previous design we used sealing. We noticed this is not ideal, moisture will always get it, moisture if even in the air. The Rydon electronics are coated with a special coating that prevent moisture from reaching the electronics.

We assemble the light at our office in the Netherlands, we do this so we have complete control over the quality. Our parts are made in different places all over the world, so not every component is made in the Netherlands (which is also impossible). Our goal is to deliver the highest quality product for a fair price.

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